Lumineers VS Veneers : head-to-head comparison

Lumineers VS Veneers | Ever wondered what sorcery celebrities and Hollywood stars concoct to have glimmering white teeth perfect for every photo op?

Well, actually, there’s no Hogwarts-ish secret here, nor any magic involved. The answer lies in veneers, the smile saver that provides straight, pristine and flawless teeth to anyone who dreams of having picture-perfect smiles in every occasion.

Made of a thin and natural-looking material, these tiny, porcelain shells are bonded to the top of the teeth to provide a more attractive smile. Veneers can alleviate a bevy of problems such as misshapen or chipped teeth, cracked teeth, gaps , discoloration as well as stains.

Veneers are just miracle workers offering a solution so invisible yet the difference is prominently seen by everyone.

Today we’ll talk about a particular brand of veneers called Lumineers®.

These are no-drilling and no-shot no-shots/no-drilling products – a technique made possible through placement of the ultra-thin shells often referred to by Dentists as the No-Prep or No Tooth Preparation placement.

Now we’ve got the basics down. Let’s go straight to the head-to-head.

Lumineers vs Veneers




not as invasive as traditional veneers

tooth is left unchanged

enamel is not damaged

much thinner than veneers

look and feel slightly bulkier when compared to veneers

quicker to apply

strong, durable, and easy to maintain

cover gaps between teeth

will not stain or change color with time

give you a whiter, brighter smile

hide a cracked or chipped tooth

formed from a thin layer of porcelain

improve the appearance of crooked, misaligned teeth

comfortable and have a natural appearance

custom-made to create a seamless smile

require some removal and reshaping of the original tooth (or teeth)

Enamel is removed, leaving the tooth unprotected until the veneer is applied

can be placed in about two visits.

LUMINEERS – the painless way to bring out the beautiful, healthy, natural, permanently white smile in you.

Ultra-thin LUMINEERS are custom designed to give you the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of. Unlike traditional veneers, there are no shots, no drilling of sensitive tooth structure and no pain. They’re even reversible, so you have nothing to lose and a beautiful smile to gain. Plus—LUMINEERS are proven to last for over 20 years, so your beautiful smile will be with you for years and years.

LUMINEERS with LUMINATE in LUMITray Technology

And now, in addition to LUMINEERS, you can ask your dentist about LUMINEERS with LUMINATE in LUMITray Technology. It’s new technology that allows your dentist to place your veneers all at once, instead of individually. Plus, it offers exclusive digital design and preview technology, which all adds up to less time in the dentist chair!

Transforming your smile couldn’t be any easier; in fact, it takes just 2 easy visits.

When you transform your smile with LUMINEERS it will take only 2 easy visits to your dentist to bring out your beautiful smile. During your first visit a precision mold will be taken. You and your dentist will also choose the right shade for your new, permanently white smile. On your second visit, your custom designed LUMINEERS are checked for fit and shade. Then, they’re painlessly attached.

That’s it – a healthy, natural, permanently white smile you’ve always wanted in only 2 visits.




Teeth are stained, slightly misshapen with spaces in-between. An impression is made and the mold is sent to the Cerinate Smile Design Studios where only LUMINEERS are crafted.


Teeth appear stained and slightly misshapen.
An impression is made and sent to a lab.

Lumineers No Painful Tooth Preparation

On next dental visit, the dentist tries in LUMINEERS to ensure a good fit. Teeth are moderately etched to prepare for placement but there is no removal of sensitive tooth structure, unlike the painful part of traditional veneer techniques. The LUMINEERS are bonded to natural teeth and set in place with a curing light.

Traditional Veneer Tooth Preparation

Anesthetic shots are given to numb the
area and teeth are severely shaved away
with a drill to accommodate the veneers.

Pain Free After

In only 2 easy dental visits, your patient will
have a permanently whiter and beautiful
smile without shots, drilling or pain.

Potentially Painful After

A better, but still flawed smile, as the procedure is not reversible like LUMINEERS because the original teeth have been shaved down causing your patient pain and discomfort immediately after the procedure.


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